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When you want to some renovation or repair work done on your home, you need to choose a good contractor. A good contractor can greatly add value and satisfaction to the renovation work and it can save you money, time and headaches.

Contractor’s Expertise, Skill and Reputation

Getting the right contactor with relevant technical, business and interpersonal skills, the tools and the experience needed to do the job you want done, is important. History is a good predictor of future performance. The best proof of quality is satisfied customers. A good renovation contractor should have many years of experience and many satisfied customers. Find out the contractor’s work history, reliability and ability to stay on budget and schedule. All of panel contractors have more than 10 years of experience with many satisfied customers (do remember to ask for testimonies when contacting us for quotations). 

Good Communication and Customer Service

Getting along with your contractor is very important. You want a contractor that understands your preference, expectation and vision of the project. A good contractor is one who can refine your vision and give good suggestions to your original plan. At, we will explain what is going on as the project takes shape, discuss problems encountered reasonably and work with you to ensure that the project meet or exceed your expectation at the scheduled completion date.

Competitive and Fair Prices

The contractor that gives you the lowest quote is not necessary the best. Find one that charges fairly, is very competent in his job and one that you are comfortable with. Ideally a contractor that is very knowledgeable and provides good suggestions and inputs to you is well worth the extra price. At we are very competent at what we do and yet you will be surprised to find out rates are very competitive!

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